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Outdoor Window Shades for Homes

Besides solar protection and privacy, exterior window shading solutions can help create extra living space.

For homes that pefer a precise light control, the External Venetian Blinds keep glare and UV rays out with its infinitely-adjustable slats.

For homes with a balcony, patio, verandah or walkway, Outdoor Roller Blinds and Zipscreen are popular outdoor window coverings that block out the sun, keeping the space cooler while allowing privacy within the additional space created.

For landed residences which require a rain-proof outdoor covering, Box Awnings provide a shelter to keep sunshine and rain out.

Low-rise buildings and landed homes which prefer external window structures to protect the interiors while complementing the architectural facade, Sun Louvre and External Rack Arm Systerms are perfect sun shading solutions.

Browse our full range of Outdoor selections suitable for your home. Choose from 4 types of Outdoor, get a Bundle Deal or Customize your own.

Box Awning
Operated by folding arms with strong tension mechanism, the canvas of Box Awnings provides shelter from weather conditions while allowing an unobstructed view. For enhanced convenience, simply integrate with motorisation, a weather sensor or home automati
External Venetian Blinds
Engineered to withstand weather changes, Outdoor Venetian Blinds provide optimal energy savings via heat reduction. Slats are easily rotated to different angles, controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room, balancing natural and artificial lighti
Outdoor Roller Blinds
External roller blinds block up to 90% of solar energy, keeping the interiors comfortable. Exterior roller blinds are installed on windows, skylight and glass door; and in outdoor living spaces such as balcony, veranda, patio and walkway.
A Zipscreen system instantly extends your balcony to create more usable space. Enjoy privacy and protection from UV rays, wind, rain and insects with this sturdy structure. With acoustic control, external noises are blocked out.

What You Should Know

Choose the right Outdoor that fits your daily needs
Superior Thermal Control & Energy savings

By installing the shading solution on the exterior facade, it can blockout close to 90% of the solar radiation entering the room. This helps to keep the interior cooler, reducing the cooling load such as air conditioning and in turn, translates to energy savings.

Ask for our material specifications to understand more about energy savings (G-total) which could be achieved. 

Choice of Colour

Dark colours absorb more heat and reflect less light, while light colours absorb less heat and reflect more light. The amount of energy savings for light and dark colour window shades are very similar when they are installed outdoors.

When it comes to maintenance, dark coloured shades are usually easier to maintain. 


The necessity for automation for outdoor window solutions is higher than indoor window coverings. When integrated with a weather sensor, exterior window shading solution automatically reacts in real time as weather changes. Hence, offering optimal user experience and highest energy savings.

Automation also helps to prolong the lifespan of the outdoor window shades. For example, blinds will automatically retract in an event of very strong wind when no one is at home). 

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