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Selecting curtains for your home

If you're looking to create a cosy, intimate space, go with curtains! With an extensive collection of fabrics and the versatility of different sewing methods, curtains can be designed in different styles, ranging from traditional standard pleat, pencil pleat to S-fold designs.

When selecting curtains, you will need to consider the amount of privacy preferred. Curtains are available as Day Curtains, Night Curtains and Blackout Curtains. Each type of curtain choice is mandated by the selection of fabric and material, which allow different amount of sunlight from entering the room.

On the functionality scale, curtains deliver an excellent block-out effect as compared to other window coverings. They are ideal for dressing the bedrooms and living rooms to create that soft, elegant finishing interiors.

Browse our full range of Curtains selections suitable for your home. Choose from 2 types of Curtains, get a Bundle Deal or Customize your own.

Double Pleated
This classic sewing method offers different design options from single, double, triple to pencil pleat. The heavier the pleats, the increase in fullness and depth created on the curtains.
S Fold
S-fold Curtains offer a neat finish with its even folds when opened or closed. To create your desired volume, curtain depths can be customised with the folds for a luxurious style.

What You Should Know

Choose the right Curtains that fits your daily needs
Day Curtains
Common materials: Cotton, linen & organza

Day Curtains are used as a sheer to provide some privacy and glare control during the day. They bring a sense of lightness to any window as the sheer fabric allows a little privacy while still filtering in light.

Sheer curtains are complementary to a set of secondary curtains or over a set of blinds. Suitable for most rooms, sheers can be made more formal when the curtain top is encased in a pelmet, concealing the curtain rod and wall joinery.

Night Curtains
Common materials: Satin, silk, cotton & linen

Night curtains are used to provide a dark-out environment for a room. Night Curtains block up to 80% of sunlight, with fabrics available in various designs and textures to blend with any interior design.

Adding a layer of interlining offers a feel of luxury and cosiness, making the interiors fuller with more class. Night Curtains improve the acoustics in the room, whenever you need.

Blackout Curtains
Common materials: Cotton, polyester & acrylic

Blackout curtains are perfect for rooms which require a complete blackout effect for a good night's sleep and total privacy.

To achieve complete darkness, a set of Blockout Curtains are meticulously crafted with three layers of coverings.

• First layer is the fabric

• Second layer is the blockout lining which gives the blockout effect

• Third layer is the outer lining.

Blockout Curtains help significantly improve acoustics in the room too.

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