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Window blinds for your home

Favoured for its minimalist style and good sunlight control, blinds block out glare and heat to keep the occupants comfortable and cool.

When designing your personal space, you will be spoilt for choice with the variety of different window blinds available: from Dual Blinds, Honeycomb Blinds, Horizontal Sheer Blinds, Panel Blinds, Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds to Venetian Blinds. For enhanced convenience, opt for motorisation and integration with home automation systems.

Choose from our collection of 6 window blinds to help complete your home styling.

Browse our full range of Blinds selections suitable for your home. Choose from 5 types of Blinds, get a Bundle Deal or Customize your own.

Dual Blinds
Go bold with eye-catching stripes that strike a fashionable balance between privacy and light control. With two layers of translucent and opaque materials, easily filter sunlight or keep the blackout effect for more darkness.
Roller Blinds
A popular choice for modern homes, Roller Blinds meet user needs with the wide material options. Pick from designer fabrics, dark-outs or sheer dressings for UV protection and special acoustic blinds fabric for sound control.
Roman Blinds
The layered effect of Roman Blinds presents a luxurious splendour with plain or patterned fabrics. Perfect for dressing smaller windows or windows with obstacles, select from 3 stack sizes for different step effects.
Skylight blinds allow sunlight to enter from the roof, adding glow to the interiors. Diffusion of incoming daylight and control of glare is effortlessly achieved by drawing the veil. By night, stargazing sets a romantic mood and lends a touch of cosiness
Venetian Blinds
Create that rustic charm in your home with FSC eco-certified Timber Venetian Blinds. Slats are easily tilted manually or with motorisation to achieve ideal light and privacy control. PVC Venetian Blinds available too.

What You Should Know

Choose the right Blinds that fits your daily needs
Screen Fabric
Materials: Polyester with PVC, fiber glass with PVC or 100% Polyester

Screens offer excellent performance when it comes to protecting the room from sunlight. Typically available in different openness factor (1%, 5%, 7%, 10% and more), homeowners often appreciate the choice of controlling the amount of light entering the room. A low openness factor means more light and heat are blocked out.

Dark Out Fabric
Materials: Polyester with foam backing, 100% PVC

Dark-out blinds provide the highest level of privacy as no light is allowed to passed through the window shades. They are perfect for areas where privacy is required, such as the bedrooms and bathrooms. To achieve optimum dark-out effect, dark-out blinds must be used with a proper roller blinds dark-out system (ie: C channel guide with brush or zipper system).

Sheer Fabric
Materials: Polyester or Trevira

Sheer fabrics are commonly picked for their decorative nature, thanks to the translucent see-through style. By allowing some sunlight to glow through the windows, sheer fabrics complement dark-out curtains for use during the day.

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